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GC/GCMS/Other Analysis

Whether it is gas or liquid, batch or real-time, qualitative or quantitative, we have the right tools to perform any compositional analysis.

Our current separation/compositional/real-time analysis equipment include:

- Shimadzu 14A GC (w/ methanizer, TCD, FID)
- Shimadzu GC-2010 (w/ methanizer, PDHID, FID)
- Shimadzu GC-2014 (w/FID, PDHID, FPDHID)
- Varian CP-4900 micro-GC
- Agilent 3000A micro-GC
- HP5890II GC w/ auto-sampler
- Two HP5890II GCs (TCD, FID)
- Two MKS Cirrus quadrupole residual gas analyzers
- Thermo-Finnigan Trace DSQ GC/MS 1-1050amu
- Thermo Environmental Chemiluminescence NOx analyzer
- Thermo Environmental Pulsed Fluorescence SO2 analyzer
- Siemens Infrared Ammonia Analyzer