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PEM Fuel Cell Testing



PEM cathode samples with acceptable conductivity, surface area, oxygen reduction activity and selectivity are tested in an Arbin Instruments 50W Fuel Cell Test Stand. Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs) are prepared by standard techniques developed in the HCRG using commercial Nafion membranes and Vulcan carbon supported Pt anodes.

CNx cathode materials  are compared against a commercial platinum cathode.  The Arbin Fuel Cell Test Stand allows for programmable voltage control and computer automated current data collection while maintaining the fuel cell testing conditions through the software.

The PEM and DMFC testing capabilities include:

  • Control of current, potential, temperature, back-pressure, humidity, flowrate
  • Evaluation of current density
  • Evaluation of overpotential
  • Characterization of deactivation as a result of:
Changes in carbon bonding
Nature of metal centers
Possibility of metal leaching
Changes in nano-structure