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Thermal Analysis



Our Setaram TG-DSC 111 achieves simultaneous DSC (variation in the heat flow) and TGA (variation in mass) measurement on a catalyst sample. It is built based on a symmetrical arrangement, which is especially attractive for thermogravimetric measurements, with drift compensation during heating (buoyancy effect) and measurement of very small variations in mass (less than 1 µg).

The TG-DSC111 capabilities include:

  • Temperature range: from -120 up to 830°C
  • Coupling of a microbalance with a Calvet-type DSC
  • Varied and controlled atmospheres:  
  • Inert gases
  • Reactive gases (O2, H2, CO,…)
  • Corrosive gases  
  • Vacuum
  • Coupling with a gas analyzer (MS or GC)  
  • Possibility of using the DSC or TG alone

Catalysis studies include:

  • In-situ calcination
  • Steady-state reaction
  • Gas adsorption/desorption
  • Temperature programmed

       - Reaction
       - Decomposition
       - Phase change
       - Deposition
       - Reduction