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Material Science Thermal Analysis Laboratory

In addition to our own thermal analysis capabilities, we routinely perform thermogravimetric analysis with a Perkin-Elmer TGA 7 thermogravimetric analyzer and Differential Scanning Calorimetry using a Perkin-Elmer DSC-7 differential power unit in this facility. Additionally, a larger Cahn TGA is available for switching experiments using hazardous gases.

This center is equipped with additional computer-controlled analytical systems available to the HCRG:
Differential scanning calorimeters
Differential thermal analyzers capable of temperatures reaching 1500°C
Thermogravimetric analyzers available for use in vacuum or in dry or wet atmospheres up to 1700°C
Simultaneous and concurrent DTA/TGA for use at ambient and elevated gas pressures
Evolved gas analysis coupled with simultaneous DTA/TGA