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HCRG News from 2012


Dr. Ozkan is one of the Meeting Chairs for 23rd North American Meeting  (NAM) of the Catalysis Society to be held in Louisville, KY, in June 2-7, 2013.

Gokhan joined the HCRG in December 2012

Hyunkyu Choi finished his Ph.D. and went back to Korea to join Hyundai Mobis in December 2012

Katja and Kuldeep joined the HCRG in October 2012

Ilgaz was awarded the AICHE Catalysis and Reaction engineering division travel award in August 2012

Dr. Ozkan received the ACS Distinguished Researcher in Petroleum Chemistry Award and was honored by a 4-day Award Symposium at the 244th ACS Meeting in Philadelphia, August 2012.

Ilgaz received 1st place in the student presentation in Microscopy Society of the Ohio River Valley (MSORV)

Sai was awarded the URO Summer Fellowship: $2800

Preshit Gawade finished his Ph.D. and accepted a position with Babcock and Wilcox in June 2012

Anne-Marie received the “Outstanding post-doc award for research excellence” at the Lowrie Banquet in April 2012

Ilgaz received the “Outstanding graduate student” award at the Lowrie Banquet award function in April 2012

Dr. Ozkan was given the College of Engineering Distinguished Professor Award in January 2012