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News 2016

  • HCRG made it to the 2016 Deans list which is awarded to Principal Investigators and their staff for maintaining laboratories with no items of concern noted during the annual laboratory site visit. It is a recognition for the lab group’s commitment to making Ohio state a safe working environment for everyone.


  • HCRG received the best safety management award in the department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.


  • Two new members, Vance Gustin and Dishari Basu joined HCRG. We wish them good luck!


  • Seval Gunduz received the American Institute of Chemists Foundation Outstanding Postdoctoral Student Award.


  • Gokhan Celik received the AIChE Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division travel award.


  • Doruk Dogu, Seval Gunduz and Gokhan Celik presented their research at the annual AIChE meeting held in San Francisco, CA.


  • Dhruba Jyoti Deka won the Brodkey Award for excellent academic performance in the field of transport phenomena and fluid dynamics.


  • Kuldeep Mamtani received the OSU CBE best graduate student award for academic achievement.


  • Katja Meyer attended the Electrochemical Society meeting at San Diego.


  • Saurabh Ailawar received an award at the Creative Writing and Arts Contest (CWAC) held by the College of Engineering (COE), OSU.


  • Gokhan Celik, Doruk Dogu and Dhruba Jyoti Deka attended the annual workshop at Brookhaven National Lab for analysis of extended X-ray absorption fine structure data using Athena (software).


  • Hyuntae Sohn and Sreshtha Sinha-Majumdar received their doctoral degrees. We wish them good luck for the future!