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Wright Center of Innovation (WCI)

Fuel Cell and Catalysis Research Laboratory

The WCI laboratory is a 1200 sq. ft. multifunctional facility for fuel cell and catalysis research.

Some of the avaliable equipment for characterization includes:

- Several 1000°C multiple ramp tube furnaces
- Thee Eldex high pressure liquid pumps
- Multi-functional TPR/TPD flow system
- Setaram TGA/DSC thermal analyzer
- Agilent 4-column micro GC
- Shimadzu 2010 GC with PD detector FID/Methanizer
- Two HP 5890II GCs
- Labview data aquisition
- ASAP 2010 Surface area and pore size analyzer
- 1500°C Lindberg tube furnace
- Portable MKS Cirrus RGA Mass Spectrometer (1-300amu)
- AutoChem II 2920 with vapor generator and cryo cooler
- Automated catalyst characterization system with on-line MS analysis

Laboratory infrastructure includes:

- Laboratory wide gas delivery manifolding
- Hazardous gas alarms and monitoring
- 7 dedicated reactor test stands

  1. Fuel Reforming
  2. Water Gas Shift
  3. SOFC single cell testing
  4. PEM MEA testing
  5. RDE half cell testing
  6. Partial oxidation
  7. CO oxidation