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A Selection of NAM 2009 Photos

North American Catalysis Society Meeting, San Francisco, CA - June 2009

Yes, we did much more than enjoy a little of San Francisco – four oral presentations given, many talks attended, Kokes Awardees (Nandita, Hua & Elizabeth) worked the registration booths, and Dr. Ozkan had many meetings.

Nandita, Hua, Matt, Elizabeth, Burcu, Xueqin “Justin” at Opening Reception John, Dr. Ozkan, Burcu, Nandita, Elizabeth, Matt, Hua at dinner after Alcatraz tour John, Burcu and Matt on Alcatraz boatBurcu & Elizabeth on Alcatraz with SF as a backgroundMatt & John listening to the Alcatraz audio tourElizabeth & Nandita’s hotel room view that everyone else was jealous of