Welcome to the Heterogeneous Catalysis Research Group (HCRG)

Our research strives to elucidate catalytic phenomena in a variety of systems. Current research includes development of novel catalytic materials for fuel cell applications, catalytic water treatment, high-temperature electrocatalysis of oxidation reactions,  electrocatalytic carbon dioxide and water reduction, fuel reformulation for hydrogen production, oxidation catalysis, heteroatom hydrogenolysis, and hydrogenation of aldehydes. 

Professor Ozkan honored with American Chemical Society symposium

Professor Ozkan was honored by a special two-day award symposium in recognition of the 2017 Storch Award she received from the ACS Energy and Fuels Division earlier this year. 

The symposium was part of the 254th American Chemical Society National Meeting held in Washington DC on August 20-21. It was organized by two Ohio State CBE alumni: Professor Elizabeth Biddinger ('10 PhD, Ozkan Group, now teaching at City College of New York), and Professor Nick Brunelli ('04, now teaching in Ohio State's chemical engineering department). The symposium featured 28 invited speakers from 18 different universities, six national laboratories, three companies, and included seven of Professor Ozkan's former PhD students.


For more news about Professor Ozkan and the Heterogeneous Catalysis Lab, please visit the chemical engineering department's website.


It is never too early to get started with science!
Ellie and Gavin enjoying a day of chemistry experiments in our labs with Dr. Seval Gunduz and Professor Ozkan.