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HCRG in the NEWS

" HCRG stars as O-H-I-O "

In preparation for the 2008 National Championship Football game against LSU, the HCRG participated in OSU's advertising campaign O-H-I-O.

Here Dr Ozkan, Elizabeth, Hua and Kurt star as O-H-I-O.











We have shown up in two commercials:

- In the first, Dr Ozkan and Hua had speaking parts. (

- The second is just the photo. (

These commercials air anytime Ohio State has an athletic event on TV. We were also in the athletic programs in the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 academic years.

Here is the ad we were in for the 2009 OSU Football season.

Apparently we've made appearances elsewhere too. There was a rumor that we were spotlighted inside the OSU buses too.
In May 2010, HCRG featured in the Fuel Cells section of Ohio News Network's "Ohio Means Business" series. It can be viewed online at: